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Marina Mandarina is a Spanish illustrator, from Barcelona, based in Menorca. Her style is very personal, funny and sensitive at the same time. All her pieces are hand-drawn using coloured pencils. A typical characteristic of her style is that all her subjects are allways naked and with their eyes closed. This symbolizes the purity of the human being and our true essence. Each person is captured with closed eyes, in a dreamlike state with all emotions displayed.




In 2017 she illustrated her first children’s book “L’Abecedari Magic” (The Magic Alphabet). That same year, she created a handmade fashion brand called “Fil de Mandarina”, in which she designes the pattern designs herself.

In 2018 she has illustrated a second children’s book called “Familias” that deals with family diversity.

© Marina Mandarina
Under license to Marina Mandarina. All rights reserved.