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What we do

YPSILON FILMS is a leading Barcelona based distribution and brand management company which acquires and markets iconic brands and high profile programming via partnerships with international production and distribution companies for the exploitation of Television and VOD rights in Iberia, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, Israel, The Middle East and Latin America. The company is currently one of the major suppliers of animation and live-action kids & teens programming in Iberia offering a strong line up of major international animated brands, award-winning children hits, family movies, teen and family TV game programs.
Ypsilon joined forces with the Barcelona based Multitrade group to expand global opportunities in the kids entertainment business. The combination of the two companies offers right owners and producers fully-integrated end-to-end solutions including Distribution, Financing and Brand Management opportunities under one roof.
Ypsilon and Multitrade are parent companies of the brand management agency YPSILON LICENSING as well as co-financiers and executive producers of animated TV series and international live action films for theatrical release.

YPSILON LICENSING manages licensing and publishing rights of animated brands in Spain, Portugal and Italy in co-ordination with the right holders developing a comprehensive long term business plan which also includes online promotions, magazines and retail events.
Our company operates as a bridge between the international partners and the local broadcasters in order to secure the best slots for the property building a strategy for the merchandising and publishing across multiple platforms with the producers, the leading local players and licensees. Ypsilon manages key relationships with TV networks, master toy companies, licensees and retailers, negotiates and structures the deals including all commercial, financial, legal and artwork follow up.
We share the goals and vision of our international partners and clients and we are committed to the success of each property on a long term basis. Each brand receives the priority status to ensure the best possible opportunities are explored, the proper strategies introduced, our marketing campaigns established, the leading licensees are onboard, the master toy is secured, the retail is fully confident and objectives are met.

Why Ypsilon Licensing

Ypsilon Licensing is your partner for the brand management and exploitation of your properties in Spain, Portugal and Italy.
Ypsilon Licensing develops business strategies with the right holders and TV executives to enhance the commercialization process and exploitation of your brands.

  • Allows International & Domestic brands to expand into new product categories and territories.
  • Identify new business opportunities with best in class partners.
  • Develop Brand & Retail Strategies.
  • Negotiate multi territory deals.
  • Manage contracts, royalty reporting.
Commitment, vision and brand building:

We are committed to the success of each property from an early brand evaluation to a consistent state-of-the-art teamwork effort, achieving long term broadcast agreements, co-ordinating the Master Toy launch with the product release by licensees, establishing publishing opportunities, the promotional build up and the retail plan.

Passion, strategy and resources:

We are passionate about creative branding and we strive to create customized strategies for each brand. With a portfolio of major entertainment programs and iconic properties, supported by our own advertising and marketing group efforts, we bring the properties to the next level together with the right holders, producers and international distributors.

Brand value and tailor-made solutions:

Our company will ensure all parties goals and objectives are met in each step from the Rollout Plan to the Royalty Collection, from Scheduled Approvals to Copyright Protection, delivering brand value and tailor-made solutions.

We believe

We believe in our market experience and established relationships to achieve our partners goals.

We build

We build brands with our partners granting primetime television slots with the launching of retail products on a long term basis.

We deliver

We deliver brand value and tailor-made solutions with a comprehensive strategy and high profile partnerships in the international and domestic marketplace.