Godzilla: King of the Monsters created by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros is the 35ª movie of the franchise, the sequel of Godzilla (2014) and will arrive the spanish cinemas this Friday! Movie target are families, teens, kids, adults and collectors.

Godzilla it’s one of the most recognized symbols of Japanese popular culture since it’s launch in 1954 and the property continued to grow. There are products such as novels, comics, collectibles, toys, games of this classic and iconic brand. Ypsilon Licensing is the exclusive licensing agent of Godzilla in Spain and the licensing program has global partners with local distribution. 

The new story of Godzilla recreates the heroic efforts of the cryptography and zoology agency Monarch, which faces a group of gigantic monsters, among which is the imposing Godzilla. This historic and monstruous character will end up fighting against Mothra, Rodan and his archenemy King Guidorah, a three-headed dragon. When these ancestral species, which were believed to be myths, return to the surface, they will complete for supremacy and endanger human existence itself.

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