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Valt Aoi is a fifth-grade elementary school student who is crazy about Beyblade. Valt’s best friend since childhood, Shu Kurenai, is hailed as a Beyblade prodigy and has already been named as one of the National Beyblade Tournament’s Final Four. Inspired by Shu’s accomplishments, Valt sets his sights on reaching this year’s national tournament. But to get to the big leagues, he must first emerge victorious from the district tournament no easy feat, given the tough opponents standing in his way. Determined to win, Valt aims to make it to the championship, where he hopes to battle Shu and move on to the national tournament. As he battles, Valt broadens his circle of friends and reaches new heights. Without even realizing it, he has begun to dream of becoming the best Blader in the world.


Season 1:
Beyblade Burst
Episodes 51 x 22′

 Season 2 :
Beyblade Burst Evolution
Episodes 51 x 22′

Season 3:
Beyblade Burst Turbo
Episodes 51 x 22′

Season 4:
Beyblade Burst Rise
Episodes 26 x 22′

Season 5:
Beyblade Burst Surge
Episodes 26 x 22′

Season 6:
Beyblade Burst QuadDrive

Episodes 26 x 22′

Season 7:
Beyblade Burst QuadStrike

Episodes 26 x 22′


257 x 22′




Boing Spain, TV Tokyo, Disney XD USA, Disney XD Canada, Teletoon Canada, Gulli France, Canal J France, K2 Italy, KIX UK, Nickelodeon Germany, Biggs Portugal, B.O.Z. Netherlands, Kadet Belgium, Nickelodeon Israel, Star Greece, Cartoon Network Turkey, Cartoon Network Latin America, Cartoon Network Korea, Animax Korea, KBS Kids Korea, YoYo TV Taiwan, Jade Honk Kong, Disney South East Asia, Star, Go! Australia, Tvnz New Zealand, Youku China, LETV China, Netflix.




  • Beyblades are the most popular battle tops in the world.

  • Official YouTube views 200,000 per week in Japan only.
  • At least 1 of 3 Boys 6-12 know Beyblade. Global phenomenon!
  • Beyblade ranks #1 in the story-line manga genre in Coro Coro Comics, #4 overall for all properties.

  • #1 on Toy sales ranking of TRU, #1 on Toy sales ranking of Amazon in Japan.

  • Global YouTube Presence: Over 655MM+ views, 2.4 MM subscribers worldwide, 1900+ videos.
  • Top 4 Action Brand in Spain, Top 3 in France and Germany, #3 Boy’s Action Brand in North America, #3 Global Brand YTD (NPD).
  • Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock Cross Collision Battle Set nominated for “Playset of the Year 2020” for ages 8+ by the Toy Association.
  • Over 5 million downloads.
  • 1B digital battles since its launch! Averaging over 2MM app users every month!
  • 34 M+ app users Worldwide!
  • 400+ Licensees and partners Worldwide.
  • Beyblade Burst featured on biggest top toy lists for holiday 2020 (Amazon, Walmart, Target, New York, C/Net, Toybuzz).
  • The most requested toy for the “Magic Kings” celebration on January 2019.
  • Hasbro increases brand awareness with retail events and promotions: Beyblade Burst World and National Champioship in Spain.
  • Season 5 currently on air at Boing in Spain.
  • Season 6 will introduce a first female blader!

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